The current board of E@I consists of:

Peter BALAZ   Name: Peter BALÁŽ
Country: Slovakia
Responsibilities: coordination, planning of projects
Presentation: Born in 1979, worked ca. 2 years in Germany and Austria after studying at a hotel school. Publisher since 2003, active in E@I since 2003, coordinator in E@I since 2005. Creates articles, films and graphic designs in his free time. Hobbies: psychology, Metal music, books, Sci-fi movies, meditation...
Contact languages: sk, cs, eo, de, en, pl, ru

Marek BLAHUS   Name: Marek BLAHUŠ
Country: Czech Republic
Responsibilities: general secretary
Presentation: Was born in 1986 and now studies computational linguistics at the Masaryk University in Brno. Received several awards for his programming activities while at high school and participated in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the USA in 2005. Organised an E@I seminar on Languages in the Internet in 2006.
Contact languages: cs, eo, en, de, es, tok, pl, sk

Country: Flanders (Belgium)
Responsibilities: treasurer
Presentation: I was born in 1974. Professionally I am a translator of computer programs and accompanying manuals and help systems. I learned Esperanto in 1989, just like my girlfriend with whom I live in Ghent. For several years I have been the president of the Flanders Esperanto Youth and since 2006 I mainly work on web projects and the creation of articles. I have two children.
Contact languages: nl, fr, eo, en, de
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