The organisation is named E@I (pronounced [eh cheh ee], i.e. the vowels rhyme with "get get see").

The letter "E" indicates that the organisation is concerned with Education. In a wider context, it also conveys the words Effectiveness, Esperanto, Evolution and Europe.

The letter "I" indicates that the organisation is concerned with communication tools like the Internet. In a wider context, it also conveys the words Intercultural, Information, Idea and Inspiration. The "@" sign shows the synergetic effect of these two concepts, which is necessary to attain simple, fast international communication.

The abbreviation can therefore be freely translated as "Education@Internet", but on account of the many words we associate with the letters E and I only the abbreviated form of the name, "E@I", is used.

E@I was registered as a politically neutral, non-governmental youth organisation in 2005. It was founded on the basis of the experiences of an international working group that was engaged with internet projects and functioned under the same name from the year 1999 onwards as an organisation without legal incorporation.

E@I's vision is a peaceful and harmonious world in which people can communicate easily and quickly on a worldwide scale. The main goals for achieving this are:

  • promoting intercultural learning, and international collaboration and communication;
  • supporting education about, and usage of, languages and Internet technologies;
  • assisting the validation of the Charter of the United Nations and that body's Declaration of Human Rights.

To reach these goals E@I initiates and supports projects for the international collaboration of young people, organises educational and cultural meetings related to its goals, and informs about the importance and usefulness of barrier-free intenational communication.

One of the core fields of E@I's work is seminars. In these seminars existing activists are trained and gain experience in different ways of working together and using the internet, and new activists are trained up. During the seminars the teams from current E@I projects meet and are often revitalised by new members, ideas for new projects are born, and new people become active.

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