Parto 5

(Se aperas demandosignoj malsupre tio signifas ke la traduko ne estas (fin)farita en la elektita lingvo. Por vidi la subtekstojn en alia lingvo, uzu la supran falmenuon.)

Lingvo: English (en)

00:00:09:19 00:00:13:04 Esperanto is a language associated with a colourful movement.
00:00:21:00 00:00:25:03 Esperanto has always depended on its speakers and supporters.
00:00:25:22 00:00:28:02 Thanks to those people, a movement was created,
00:00:28:08 00:00:34:08 which since the inception of the language works towards language democracy among different peoples.
00:00:36:01 00:00:40:01 Essential for the survival and relative success of Esperanto,
00:00:40:06 00:00:43:24 is the so called "internal idea of Esperanto",
00:00:43:29 00:00:48:20 which Zamenhof, the pioneer of the language, described in the following words:
00:00:49:10 00:00:53:24 "On a neutral linguistic foundation break down the walls between ethnic groups
00:00:54:02 00:00:58:23 and get people used to regarding their neighbour
00:00:59:01 00:01:01:05 only as a specimen of mankind and a brother."
00:01:01:27 00:01:06:29 Without this "internal idea", Esperanto would likely not attract millions of people
00:01:07:05 00:01:11:20 with a dezire for international contacts and peace among all people.
00:01:12:12 00:01:18:27 It is mainly these internationally thinking people who created and continue to create the Esperanto movement.
00:01:29:00 00:01:32:26 The Esperanto movement has a few symbols:
00:01:34:21 00:01:37:08 The "green star"
00:01:37:26 00:01:40:00 The so called "Jubilee Symbol"
00:01:40:15 00:01:41:17 A flag
00:01:42:08 00:01:43:10 and
00:01:43:24 00:01:45:24 an anthem
00:01:54:14 00:01:58:09 In the Esperanto movement there are nowadays many organizations
00:01:58:12 00:02:01:08 which work for and through Esperanto:
00:02:02:26 00:02:05:16 UEA- the Universal Esperanto Association
00:02:05:26 00:02:10:29 is the largest international organization for speakers of Esperanto
00:02:11:10 00:02:14:04 and its members are found in 117 countries.
00:02:17:26 00:02:22:21 Its youth section, TEJO -World Esperanto Youth Organization
00:02:22:27 00:02:26:27 is an organization for young speakers of Esperanto.
00:02:27:09 00:02:31:13 Both organize their own annual congesses somewhere in the world,
00:02:31:21 00:02:35:29 always in a new location and it attracts people from many countries.
00:02:39:06 00:02:43:00 There are Esperanto organizations in approximately 70 countries
00:02:43:12 00:02:47:01 and for various professions, philosophies and hobbies
00:02:47:08 00:02:50:19 there are several specialist Esperanto associations,
00:02:50:22 00:02:54:10 for example: Esperanto@Interreto,
00:02:54:12 00:03:00:03 which has about 15,000 members and focuses on internet projects.
00:03:00:23 00:03:03:06 Other important organizations are:
00:03:03:10 00:03:05:08 The Academy of Esperanto
00:03:06:03 00:03:09:13 International League of Esperanto Teachers
00:03:10:24 00:03:13:07 The European Esperanto Union
00:03:14:00 00:03:17:06 The International Academy of Sciences
00:03:17:14 00:03:22:02 There are also businesses mainly in publishing and tourism.
00:03:24:11 00:03:27:01 The movement around the "International Language"
00:03:27:07 00:03:30:22 is open to diversity in ideas and preferences.
00:03:31:10 00:03:35:26 Of course there is no requirement to be a member of any organization, if one doesn't want to.
00:03:36:18 00:03:39:11 Many Esperantists simply love the language
00:03:39:16 00:03:42:20 and stay in contact with friends in other countries,
00:03:42:22 00:03:45:21 without being active in the Esperanto movement.
00:03:47:04 00:03:50:10 Other work hard to strengthen the movement.
00:03:51:21 00:03:55:09 People who learn Esperanto decide for themselves how to use it.
00:03:56:02 00:03:58:13 In that way everyone can feel completely free
00:03:58:15 00:04:02:16 in the international community of the "International Language".

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