(Se aperas demandosignoj malsupre tio signifas ke la traduko ne estas (fin)farita en la elektita lingvo. Por vidi la subtekstojn en alia lingvo, uzu la supran falmenuon.)

Lingvo: English (en)

Esperanto is...

A film which introduces the international language Esperanto in a modern and lively manner.

Esperanto is a living international language --if you haven't heard of it, or think that it's no longer around, then this is the film for you! :-)

Esperanto is...

...language suitable for everything (Part 1 - 01:43 min)

...a language with many traits (Part 2 - 08:01 min)

...a language used in many ways (Part 3 - 06:23 min)

...worth learning and learnable by everyone (Part 4 - 13:22 min)

...a language with a colourful movement (Part 5 - 04:12 min)

...the language of the future (Part 6 - 09:31 min)

Experience the great atmosphere of an "international family" living everywhere in the world, using the language in many ways. After watching the film you will know a lot about the "International Language" and its colourful community.You will get a realistic picture of Esperanto, told by those who really know and use the language. Having watched the film you might even want to learn it yourself

This film, in 6 parts is the fruit of 3 years of work (2005-2008) and was created by an international team of film aficionados but mainly by the filmmaker Rogener Pavinski from Brazil within the framework of the organization E@I –

Rogener PAVINSKI (Brazil):Montage, filming and text.

Hokan LUNDBERG (Sweden): Idea,text and coordination

Petro BALÁŽ (Slovakia): Consulting and filming

Arono CHAPMAN, Karlina DALEY (Canada): Voiceover

2008 International year of languages

Esperanto is...a language worth learning!

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